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Welcome to Sustainable Touring a complete resource for finding eco-friendly tourism information. This up-to-date guide gives you all the information you need to help you plan your next ecotour vacation–or to just learn, dream and imagine a virtual trip.

This adventure tour guide is dedicated to promoting sustainable tourism, helping travellers in making better decisions about where to go, who to go with, where to stay and what to do in accordance with principles of ethical tourism. For each country we list ethical places to go, travel considerations, local projects to support, ethical places to stay and see and ethical tour operators and volunteering organizations.

Learn about Ecotourism & Sustainable Tourism

This website is a complete guide to planning a responsible tour in any part of the world. We aim at helping in reducing the environmental impact of the tours and safaris as well as reducing the impact of mass tourism in various destinations in Africa. On this guide find exclusive information on green destinations, where to go, things to see, things to do as well as travel tips that will guide you in promoting responsible tourism in Africa. We have a comprehensive directory with listings for travel all across the world.

We have a team of specialist media sustainability consultants who provide in depth support in all areas of promoting sustainable tourism. We also provide tangible, solutions oriented programs and takes a holistic approach to addressing sustainable development within the tourism industry.

Use this site as a resource and a guide for your future sustainable tour planning. We have many pages dedicated towards the different continents and countries. We here to guide you in planning and enjoying a great trip. Hope you enjoy the site and find it useful.

Green Destinations
Learn about the different destinations including tourist attractions and tourism sites where you can enjoy a true ecotour during your holiday. Exclusive information on unique places in Africa, Asia, America.

Sustainable Tours

There are many ecotourism vacations out there including all different terrain. You can experience the beautiful blues of the ocean. See the lushness of the rainforest in Costa Rica. Visit the Burmese jungle on the back of an elephant. Go to the African Serengeti and watch predator and prey.

Things to See
There are lots of attractions out there that are interesting to see or visit. Broad coverage on unknown and less visited attractions in various parts of the world.

Things to Do
Looking for outdoor activities with very little impact on the environment? There are a lot of different tourism activities out there and we want to make sure that you choose the right one that meets your needs. Learn about the top adventures, ecotours and other activities to enjoy during your holiday.

Green Hotels
Would you like to stay in a green hotel during your holiday? We bring to you the famous and less known green hotels that promote responsible ethical standards in their operation.

GREEN Lodges
Most of the lodges that are built today are ecolodges! Would you like to take a safari holiday? Why not stay in an ecolodge that operates along the strict guidelines of sustainable tourism!

Tour Operators
The natural environment is the backbone to tourism development. Find the different ecotours and responsible tour operators who will create a perfect environmentally friendly tour in any part of the world.

Green Travel Tips
Quick tips that you should know at your finger tips when you are traveling

Help in Conserving the Environment

Sick of the ways the planet has been polluted by people who do not know any better? Want to contribute something for the betterment of the planet? Planning to do something meaningful while on holiday? Why not commit yourself to it and plan to have an ecotourism holiday?

Sustainable Tour Planning

Tourism is a major economic industry and many countries are benefiting in this industry. Can you imagine the impact all the vacations in the world makes? So the next vacation you take, consider making taking an ecotourism vacation, so as to help make you more aware of the local or international culture you intend to explore. And remember to take eco-friendly measures while you are at it.

Who would have thought that tours or vacations can also mean learning and contributing not only to one’s personal growth but to the ecological growth of the destination as well. This is the potential being offered by the an ecotourism vacation experience. To describe ecotours as just nature tours is putting it simply. Because not only do you tour with nature in mind, but an ecotour promises cultural enrichment as well.

Sustainable touring takes some effort not only from the tourism industry of the country or place you are visiting, but also some effort from the tourists themselves. Understand that the desire to conserve resources and preserve culture takes effort from everyone.


Ecotourism is traveling to experience the prestige of nature. Ecotourism is about traveling to areas that are rarely seen by the normal traveler. These tours are designed for you to escape your normal routine and try something different. This is adventure travel where you can live out your Indiana Jones fantasies. Ecotourism theme is experiencing natural destinations while minimizing the impact and building awareness for cause that helps the community. If you like to spend time in nature than ecotourism is perfect for you.

The whole goal of ecotourism is to help support local communities and preserve their fragile ecosystems.  Through our entertainment we are able to fund and enrich the lives of their local communities while experiencing these traditional firsthand. Ecotourism is based on the themes of using energy efficiently, conservation of water, recycling and building opportunities for local inhabitants.